Psychologist | Seattle, WA


Who is she?

Let me tell you...

I'm a psychologist, geek, and budding researcher. I am inspired by the evolution of technology and how we can use it to improve health mentally and physically. My professional interests are in video game and pop culture-based therapy, dual diagnoses, forensic psychology, general therapy practice, and engineering psychology. I have a knack for creativity in my professional and personal life and aim to make good use of my skills in my work. 

I attended the University of St. Thomas, located in Minneapolis, MN, for my Masters and Doctoral programs in Counseling Psychology. Currently, I work as an Associate at Sound Psychotherapy and Assessment LLC in West Seattle, providing private practice-based individual, family, and couples therapy. I also serve as the Director of Human Factors and Principal Psychologist for Recovree, a startup focused on improving the work of Peer Support Specialists with their clients via telehealth services. I recently completed my internship at HealthPoint in SeaTac, WA serving as a Behavioral Health Consultant Intern working collaboratively with medical providers. I graduated with my PsyD after I completed my dissertation on video game avatars, their players, and personality. 

My current goals, outside of serving clients in therapy, include getting more involved in the Geek Therapy world and training my dog Atlas as a therapy animal to assist me in my private practice work.

I have been a member of the American Psychological Association since 2011, and the Washington State Psychological Association since 2018.