Psychologist | Seattle, WA


Who is she?

Let me tell you...

I'm a doctor of psychology, geek, and budding researcher. I am inspired by the evolution of technology and how we can use it to improve health mentally and physically. My professional interests are in video game and pop culture-based therapy, dual diagnoses, forensic psychology, and general therapy practice. I have a knack for creativity in my professional and personal life and aim to make good use of my skills in my work. 

I attended the University of St. Thomas, located in Minneapolis, MN, for my Masters and Doctoral programs in Counseling Psychology. I graduated with my PsyD after I completed my dissertation on video game avatars, their players, and personality. I currently co-own and serve as Primary Clinician at Save Point Behavioral Health - a geek and gamer-centric private practice in Seattle. I am the Content Manager for Take This, a mental health nonprofit seeking to advocate for a supportive game community and industry. I also work as an Associate at Sound Psychotherapy & Assessment in West Seattle, providing private practice-based individual and couples therapy. In my spare time, I serve on the advisory board for the Geek Therapy Certification Training program.

I have been a member of the American Psychological Association since 2011, and the Washington State Psychological Association since 2018.